A little over a year Hanna started taking riding lessons at Pearly Gaits Ranch. She met Mystic and immediately fell head over heels in love with her. She has always had a thing for black horses and when she walked into the barn and saw her... there was no was no way I was getting her away. :)

However, Mystic's owner wasn't sure she was going to be a good lesson horse. She wasn't sure she'd listen to a little girl. She was previously a show horse. In fact, she used to belong to Zha Zha Gabore! She was pretty hot stuff. 

Hanna took lessons on the "slower" horse for a while, and finally begged loud enough to get on Mystic. Even though she's an older horse she has a lot of get up and go and loves to go fast. Even her walk is fast. :) 

Hanna has worked to improve her skills over the last year. She's ridden Mystic just about every week. She's ridden her in the alley leading to the big pasture (with the gate closed). 

Finally, after all this time, and all this learning, gaining skills and confidence, Hanna got to take Mystic on her first solo trail ride. 

She did great. :) A little trotting, a little wading through seriously high weeds. She had a blast. :)

I'm so proud of her. She has spent the last year working toward this goal. She's spent the last year working on her skills, gaining confidence. She thought she could do it on the first day (lol), but stuck with it until the time was right.

Funny how many people start blogging and quit because they don't get the exact result they want after the first day. Big goals can take time to create. Even if it doesn't happen on your first day if you keep working on it, gaining skill and confidence you can will do it! 

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Have I mentioned recently how much I love living in the country and having wonderful neighbors? Well, I do!! 

Today we stopped by my neighbors house to drop off some yummy stuff for the pig! My mom had some corn cobs, and centers from cucumbers she'd pickled and some mashed up sand plums from making jelly. No sense in wasting all these wonderful foods, when we can give them to pig! 

I used to think I had to live in the city. I was so tired of living in the city when we moved here. I didn't know what options I had for work, other than driving all the way to Wichita every day. I'm so glad I figured out I could create a thriving online business from anywhere... even the middle of no where. So can you! 

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